Poised on the edge of Europe between Scandinavia, Central Europe and Russia, the Baltic States offer a wide variety of locations; an experienced film community; and modern infrastructure.

Tax Incentives


Industry Overview

CastNative, Russian and English speaking actors available with excellent buy out rates.
CrewExperienced English speaking non-union crew in all grades.  No additional charges for weekends, holidays and night work.
EquipmentFull range of lighting, grip and camera equipment both film and digital.
ConstructionLocal construction crews are skilled at both stage builds and location adaptations.
Props & DressingA wide range of contemporary and period props and dressing are available.  Joiners and sculptors are adept at creating new pieces and reproductions.
Action Vehicles & AnimalsAnimal wranglers are skilled particularly with horses.
Period carriages and trains, military vehicles and modern cars and trucks are readily available.
StuntsLocal stunt people are qualified and work throughout Europe on international productions.
CostumesA variety of modern and period costumes/uniforms are available.  Manufacturing and fine tailoring is of a high standard.
Make Up & HairWig making and prosthetics
SFXPyrotechnics, mechanical and physical effects, atmospherics. Licensed SFX teams and armourers.
TransportFull range of equipment and facility vehicles including 2 & 3 position artist trailers, wardrobe trucks, honey wagons, make up trailers and support vehicles.
CateringLocation caterers with mobile kitchens and experienced in feeding local and foreign crews.
StagesRiga Film Studios has three sound stages, the largest being 999 sqm with a 2.5m deep tank.  A number of smaller stages are also available in Riga, Vilnius and Tallinn.

Location Samples

  • Architecture

    Historic old towns and villages: urban centres; castles and palaces; soviet.

  • Landscapes

    40% of the region is forested.  Pine and birch are the most common trees; oak, fir and maple can also be found.

  • Coastline and Lakes

    The Baltic coastline is some 4424 km long.  It consists of vast stretches of dunes and sandy beaches interspersed with wetlands and the occasional cliff.  Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania between them have over 6000 lakes.

Facts and Figures

Useful Information:
Vilnius In Your Pocket
Riga In Your Pocket Tallinn In Your Pocket
Country Code:
International Airports:
Vilnius – 10 mins from city centre
Riga – 30 mins from city centreTallinn – 10 mins from city centre
1 EUR (Euro) = 100 cents
1 EUR (Euro) = 100 cents1 EUR (Euro) = 100 cents
Time Zone:
Eastern European Time: UTC/GMT + 2 hours Daylight saving time: + 1 hour
Country phone code:
Cellular phone network:
99% of the country GSM covered
96% of the country GSM covered99% of the country GSM covered
220V/50 Hz, AC
TV Video System:
Weights & Measures:
Political system:
A stable parliamentary democracy; a member of NATO since March 2004; and a member of the European Union.